Rosalee Rovensky

My name is Rosalee, but most people call me Rose. I was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, Canada and I will forever be a prairie girl at heart.

I own a small, home based baking business, specializing in French Macarons, that I have been operating since the beginning of 2017. I feel very blessed to be able to share my love of baking and French Macarons with others and through his baking journey, I have also been blessed with a small, humble platform that I hope to use to help others. I hope to be a voice for those who may not want to speak yet and to hopefully keep shining a light on the darkness that stole so many from this world. I would like to expand my small platform and use it to be an advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. One thing I strongly believe in, is embracing your light, but don’t ignore your dark. I believe that conversations matter and I hope to open us dialogues with others through meaningful conversations and by offering peer support.

Dogs are my ultimate weakness and if I’m around them, you’ll find me loving on them and most likely talking to them in a weird, baby voice. Although people will often see me dressed in darker clothing, I LOVE (and I stress, LOOOOOVE) anything and everything rainbow!


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