Sara Gabriela jouma

is feeling

• 4 months ago

Hi my name is sarah , I’m new in here I suffer from depression and anxiety since 8 months now .i think I’m in recovering stage right now not sure sometimes i feel great and sometimes i feel so bad ,anyone want to talk about it ?
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3 months ago

I am available and willing! It’s hard to find someone who understands.

1 month ago

Just joined the group. I’m learning not to pretend anymore. My feelings and emotions matter and it’s ok if I’m not ok. Stay real stay raw know that I can’t do life set a part from Gods story for me, as well as others that know the struggle.

David 4
David 4
25 days ago

I don’t know what to tell someone who is new to depression. It may pass or may not…is it possible for you to access professional health care where you are ?

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