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• 1 month ago

Hi Everyone! Each day brings brand new challenges , but as I’ve chosen to call my group name, I truly believe we are all a puzzle here in this place we call life, and we all have our own semi colon story waiting to connect with the other one piece at a time. I’m learning in my story not to stay quiet anymore , no matter how raw or real Read More ...
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David 4
David 4
1 month ago

My story is a life long journey just now at 75 having been in and out of remission and having squired Drug induced Parkinson’s disorder. Both co morbid conditions have lately left me balanced although tethered to a catheter with movement restrictions. But, hay, I have just recently completed creative life having put a moratorium on my flagrant poem composition

David 4
David 4
1 month ago
Reply to  David 4

For this old ragged brain, I am sorry but I find this site problematic in that it won’t accept my post – three times they failed to post…I feel I can add my experience to add others but I am having pernickety problems with this site

David 4
David 4
29 days ago

We, are living our lives of variegated sufferings, it seems to me, in order, in the long run, to enhance our experience of life…

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