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Improve your love life? Rate Your Love Skills

From birth, love shapes our essence, guiding us to recognize our worth and the goodness in others. Our interactions mold our capacity to love. Positive connections foster deep affection, while struggles may leave wounds. This quiz unveils these wounds, empowering us to heal and invite more love into our lives.

Updated: February 9, 2024

By: Project Semicolon

Medical Reviewer: Mark Langston, MD

Who is this for?

Who Is This Assessment For?

Like a parched flower deprived of water, our capacity to love can wither without the nurturing we require. Sadly, many endure neglect, trauma, abuse, and hurtful treatment, leading to a sense of being unlovable.

If caregivers failed us in our time of need, we might struggle to love and accept love in return, leaving us with love wounds. The journey to healing is possible through dedicated steps (see “Steps to Healing A Love Wound” below). Love is a skill honed through practice, offering hope for transformation at any stage.


How Accurate Is It?

This quiz is not intended as a diagnostic tool. Developed and tested with over 2650 respondents, it offers insight into the presence of love in one’s life. Mental health disorders require diagnosis by licensed professionals.

However, assessments like this can serve as an initial step toward seeking treatment. Many individuals hesitate to seek help, fearing their concerns may not be significant enough. Yet, assessments can validate these concerns and encourage seeking professional support through organizations like Project Semicolon.

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Medically Reviewed
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