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Volunteers are a critical to the next chapter of our mission. Please join us.

Why Volunteer at Project Semicolon?

Learn valuable skills on leading groups and discussions.

Make an impact on your overall psychological well-being.

Be part of a growing worldwide initiative that's saving lives

Your valuable lived experience can help to change lives.

Project Semicolon is a peer-based, grassroots organization and volunteers play a vital role in our mission to save lives. Our volunteers facilitate our classes and support groups, serve on panels, share their stories out in the community, advocate for better systems and work on a wide variety of administrative tasks. Volunteers enable Project Semicolon to live out its mission so that our services and outreach can remain strong and continue to grow within the larger community!

You must be a member of Project Semicolon to signup as a Volunteer.

Your impact doubles

This Mental Health Awareness Month, your gift has the power to change lives. By supporting Project Semicolon, you're making sure no one ever has to struggle alone. Your gift by June 1st will be matched and have twice the impact on mental health, and suicide prevention.