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Your results indicate that you are at moderate risk of suffering from PTSD.

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"Moderate Risk"




Learn more about PTSD below.

Find treatment for PTSD

At Project Semicolon we understand the importance of getting help.

While your symptoms are not likely having a major impact on your life, it is important to monitor them.

While these results do not mean that you have PTSD, it may be time to start a conversation with a mental health professional. Finding the right treatment plan and working with a healthcare provider can help treat your symptoms.

PTSD can often be accompanied by issues like Depression, Anxiety, and Social Anxiety. We recommend you take the screens we have for these issues.

This screen is not meant to be a diagnosis. Diagnosis and care of mental health conditions can be difficult. Having symptoms of PTSD is different than having PTSD. In addition, symptoms of PTSD can be caused by other mental health conditions, or other health problems. Only a trained professional, such as a mental health provider, can make this determination. However, by printing the results and bringing it to a mental health professional, you can open up the conversation.