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Severe Loneliness


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Discuss Lonely with a Provider

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Severe Loneliness

You are experiencing high levels of loneliness in your life. You struggle with emotional connection and often feel alone even in the company of others. While you have casual friends you can hang out with, you don’t share many interests with them and often feel misunderstood. Trying to find social connections could make you feel emotionally drained. If you’re struggling with chronic loneliness, then it is strongly suggested you speak to a professional.

To combat loneliness, you can try these strategies:
  • Consult a professional. A mental health professional can offer specialized support for severe loneliness.
  • Connect with support groups.Online or offline groups that focus on loneliness and social isolation can connect you with others who understand and share similar experiences.
  • Rebuild confidence. Start with small, manageable steps to rebuild your confidence and comfort in social interactions. You can work with a professional on this.

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