We’re all a puzzle ment to be piece together

Just as the name of the group I choose , I really believe in my deepest part of my soul and spirt we are not ment to walk this life out alone. We’re all that semi colon whose stories may differ from time to time, but it’s no accident that our paths cross to connect […]

Making music

I would like to start a band. To deal with mental health challenges through writing music. My name is Josh. I like to play Drums and Electric Guitar. I also enjoy Singing. I played Bass guitar for a Metal band at one time in my life. I’m currently in recovery from Alcohol and other substances. […]

Tough girls

For those of us who fought through it all and somehow made it.

High School Teens

This group is for people of high school age to share and support eachother. Share anything that makes you happy here.

Narcissistic,Gaslighting Victims

I made this in hopes that people that are or were with a narcissistic, gaslighter Love bombing person can help each other and live again

PokerFace perfection struggles

Just trying to help others in hopes that i can be helped as well. Everyday i open my eyes, i wish i didn’t. I don’t wish this feeling on anyone.

Depression/Suicidal UK

A UK discussion and support group for people suffering from depression and or suicidal.


A group for Police Officers with PTSD