Trademark Infringement Notice: Protecting Project Semicolon

Dear Etsy Seller,

We hope this message finds you well. We appreciate your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in contributing to the vibrant marketplace on Etsy. However, we regret to inform you that we have identified some issues with product listings that may requires your immediate attention.

The Impact of Infringement on Project Semicolon

It has come to our attention that your listing on Etsy contains elements that infringe upon the trademarked properties of Project Semicolon, a nonprofit organization dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention. Our trademarks, including the semicolon symbol, are integral to our mission and brand identity. In the year 2022, Etsy and it’s sellers earned triple the annual earnings of Project Semicolon’s merchandise sales. 30% of sellers used Project Semicolon as a benefiting nonprofit in their listings, and we identified. 1% that actually contributed to our mission to save lives lost to suicide. We can no longer allow markets to be saturated with illegal products that diminish our ability to fund our mission.

Next Steps: Resolving Trademark Infringement

  1. Review and Remove: Examine your product listing(s) on Etsy and identify any elements that infringe upon Project Semicolon’s trademarks. This may include the unauthorized use of our logo (The Semicolon Itself), name, or other protected elements.
  2. Cease and Desist: Immediately cease the sale of any infringing products and remove them from your Etsy store. This action is necessary to prevent further legal consequences.
  3. Contact Us: Once you have addressed the infringement concerns, please reach out to us at with details about the corrective actions taken. We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter amicably.

Support Mental Health Responsibly

We understand that mistakes happen, and we appreciate your willingness to rectify this situation promptly. By doing so, you contribute to the responsible and ethical support of mental health initiatives.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We believe in the power of collaboration and hope to work with you towards a resolution that respects the rights and mission of Project Semicolon.

Shelly Gilbert
Attorney – Project Semicolon

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