My experiences

I don’t know how to journal if I’m being honest. I have experienced some of these things that are talked about on this website. I have experienced self-injury, anxiety, some form of depression, and some form of sexual harassment. I have self-harmed a couple of times. I only cut once and burn myself a few […]

Living in the moment

Today I’m off from work thinking about cleaning around the house. This is my first journal entry. I’m already feeling antisocial and want to shut myself off from the world. I want to get out of this funk right now!! In two days it’s my late brother’s birthday 🎂 It’s been tough dealing with the […]

9:49 am

I am exhausted this new medicine makes me so tired. And I sleep through all my classes. I think my teachers are starting not to like me because all I do is sleep. And I don’t even mean to sleep its just I am so freaking exhausted. I am currently in Biomed trying my darndest […]

Love is worth conquering

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