Become a Project Semicolon Leader in Your Community.

Become an ally with one of the world’s fastest growing, grassroots organizations fighting to slow the spread of suicides, educating about mental illness and working to end the stigma around mental health.

Every community is different, sometimes with a unique set of challenges that require a unique approach. At Project Semicolon we understand the power of community and leadership; that’s why we’re looking for strong, effective leaders to represent our mission in communities all over the world.

Why Start a Project Semicolon Chapter?

Project Semicolon Leaders

  • Make a difference in your community by saving lives.
  • Discover and address the unique issues your community faces.
  • Conduct events using Project Semicolon’s name.
  • Promote community outreach activities
  • Host Project Semicolon support groups.
  • Unique Project Semicolon Homepage for your community.
  • Host Project Semicolon fundraisers.

The signup process If you have any questions about Becoming a Project Semicolon Community Leader, please contact us via e-mail at