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It is Hard to Dance with the Devil on Your Back By Mark Lester I recently delivered a eulogy at the funeral of my grandson. Never in my darkest nightmare did I ever envision doing so. My 17-year-old grandson perished in a horrific automobile accident which quite possibly was self-inflicted. He had attempted to take […]

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I just lost my baby to DHS because I almost died while I was pregnant so I smoked weed because that’s the only thing that helped me not be sick, and now I’m having postpartum and I just do t want to be here anymore. I really feel like I would be better off gone […]

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A year ago today, I lost my only child to suicide. I guess like most parents, I live with a bit of guilt, wondering if I could have done anything to save him. I never would have thought that he was in a place where this could be possible, but I also never asked. I […]

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