8 months ago

I’ll edit this as my journey goes…

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I’m 20 and I was recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. I’ve always struggled with accepting my body and I’m sure many would blame it on models and social media.  I’m not exactly interested in the debate of why I’m going through this, I’m more interested in trying to find the inspiration to live. Project Semicolon really helps me, but I have a constant fear that one day even this won’t save me and I’ll be there, in that dark place, without a lifeline. My family is a traditional Latin family and everything is about good food. My Mental illness doesn’t play well with that reality so I find myself isolated, and feeling like no one understands me. They think that I can just turn this off, but I can’t. If you’re reading this I will likely update my story as my journey continues. Thanks for reading☀️

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