Hello My name is Ikue from Japan. I am an ordinary citizen who believes in the importance of promoting mental health care and opposes genocide. I am writing to ask you below. ・Can I make some project semicolon message patches (cloth patch with semicolon written on it, take free) to make people know about mental […]


Share a little about why you’d like to volunteer for Project Semicolon… A couple of years ago I had a friend commit suicide. Meant health has been something that’s been around me for a really long time and I feel people don’t talk about it enough. My friend died 6 years ago and I still […]


I am interested in volunteering as I have a need to help.  I have a need to awaken the world that’s mental health and suicide prevention is for ALL ages, demographics, religions and people.  I represent a mom. A mom of three who loves her family passionately. I tend to embrace this world at a […]


My brother died on August 27, 2023 by suicide. David had mental health illness and I learned about mental health through living the experience. I didn’t know or understand mental health until my brother moved back to ga and learned by watching and helping him. I would like to help others because I may have […]


I’ve been diagnosed with ptsd after trying to end my life a few times after first dealing with trauma with loosing two of my fingers in an accident and after that living with an narcissist for almost ten years


I have loved a girl for more than 6 years which was one sided. I gave my entire life to her and efforts to make her mine. It got me suffer a lot, I started to have panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety disorders OCD and others. I never used to share anything to anyone and just […]


..I can volunteer as an e- volunteer only, as I am not in an area which has an actual group and my PD means my movement is restricted. but I have been a good organizer and was involved in community outreach sharing my story locally from a rehabilitation facility known locally as New Hope. I […]


Share a little about why you’d like to volunteer for Project Semicolon…hello I would like to volunteer for project semicolon so I can help others that are also going thru depression. I believe it is important to be there for each other to listen to hear what someone has or is going thru and support […]


I had never heard of you before a few minutes ago. I was so drawn to the imagery of the semicolon. Perhaps it is because I made a tremendous life change six months ago (moved to Europe, a change that I deeply needed but there have been substantial unanticipated obstacles). I truly am starting the […]


I want to share my personal experiences with the world and help everyone recover in the best way possible

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