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Morgan wade, Don’t Cry. This song is so moving, and helps me through some pretty tough spots in my life.

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I’m newly diagnosed with a eating disorder, anyone want to share what’s working for them? I’m really having a tough time today. Things sound good to eat… until I eat them, and then it’s hours of disgust until the idea comes back to mind. I swear it’s like a nonstop cycle.

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My grandson, Sean, took his own life a few weeks ago. I never thought about suicide or imagined it striking so close to home. Finding the Semicolon page really shed some light on things that I never considered.

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I struggled with Anorexia as a teenager. Hope you guys are safe and well.

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I’m still writing…. Some days are harder than others, but I’m still here.

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A year ago today, I lost my only child to suicide. I guess like most parents, I live with a bit of guilt, wondering if I could have done anything to save him. I never would have thought that he was in a place where this could be possible, but I also never asked. I […]

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Project Semicolon, when do you think we can expect to have the Chapters portal fully up and running?

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I’m really excited to see people chatting and sharing here. Sorry to ask♥️