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I right now am just trying to fight to stay alive. I became trapped completely in my room 4 years ago. I have had a peer support specialist that came to my house this last year and I know now why I became like this. My Husband is a text book case of NPD. I […]

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My name is Rob and I am glad this group exists. I suffer from MDD, anxiety, PTSD and alcohol use disorder. It’s hard to find someone to talk to that can truly understand. If they haven’t experienced what we struggle with on a daily basis it’s almost impossible.

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I have been dealing with a bunch of flashbacks that have been affecting me a lot more than usual lately. I’m not sure what I can do.

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I’m newly diagnosed with a eating disorder, anyone want to share what’s working for them? I’m really having a tough time today. Things sound good to eat… until I eat them, and then it’s hours of disgust until the idea comes back to mind. I swear it’s like a nonstop cycle.

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The anniversary of losing my only child to suicide and today has been tougher than I imagined. I woke up this morning thinking it would be a normal day, but it has been very hard. I hope all the young people here know that they’re loved and important. Protect your life, your beautiful, precious life.

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Really struggling today for some reason. I haven’t self-harmed in over a year and lately I’ve been feeling like it’ll help. Anyone want to chat?

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