Yesterday. (ignore picture)

TW: Self-Harm Yesterday I found the pair of scissors I use to slash my wrists. I was doing really well, I hadn’t relapsed in a while. About a week, if I had to guess. My scars had mostly healed up by now. But I relapsed yesterday. I don’t know what it is about SH, because […]

Attempted Suicide and self-harm

It was a Saturday evening. My dad and I got into an argument about Instagram and we were both pissed at each other. He wouldn’t talk to me and I wouldn’t talk to him. I downloaded Instagram without asking him and he got mad at me for it. So after we had the argument, I […]

My best friend Kai

I lost my best friend Kai to sucide on 27th of August. We buried her yesterday . I miss her so much and love her so much. She was so tried of trying to fight her mental health 

Your impact doubles

This month, your gift has the power to change lives. By supporting Project Semicolon, you're making sure no one ever has to struggle alone. Your gift by July 1st will be matched and have twice the impact on mental health, and suicide prevention.