Yesterday. (ignore picture)

TW: Self-Harm Yesterday I found the pair of scissors I use to slash my wrists. I was doing really well, I hadn’t relapsed in a while. About a week, if I had to guess. My scars had mostly healed up by now. But I relapsed yesterday. I don’t know what it is about SH, because […]

Attempted Suicide and self-harm

It was a Saturday evening. My dad and I got into an argument about Instagram and we were both pissed at each other. He wouldn’t talk to me and I wouldn’t talk to him. I downloaded Instagram without asking him and he got mad at me for it. So after we had the argument, I […]

My best friend Kai

I lost my best friend Kai to sucide on 27th of August. We buried her yesterday . I miss her so much and love her so much. She was so tried of trying to fight her mental health