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Large following in the UK, so thanks for creating this group. We hope to start spreading the word about our Groups platform soon. Stay tuned.

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My name is Rob and I am glad this group exists. I suffer from MDD, anxiety, PTSD and alcohol use disorder. It’s hard to find someone to talk to that can truly understand. If they haven’t experienced what we struggle with on a daily basis it’s almost impossible.

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Hi my name is sarah , I’m new in here I suffer from depression and anxiety since 8 months now .i think I’m in recovering stage right now not sure sometimes i feel great and sometimes i feel so bad ,anyone want to talk about it ?

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I have been dealing with a bunch of flashbacks that have been affecting me a lot more than usual lately. I’m not sure what I can do.

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Hi all, I’m Charles and I wanted to briefly introduce myself here. I just joined project semicolon after learning about it around a week ago. I am still reading about project semicolon, however I’m pretty excited about its intention. Will share more later.

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I just lost my baby to DHS because I almost died while I was pregnant so I smoked weed because that’s the only thing that helped me not be sick, and now I’m having postpartum and I just do t want to be here anymore. I really feel like I would be better off gone […]

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Don’t judge me cus I know he’s kind of a poser, but both of MGK punk albums helped me through my dog’s last days.

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Morgan wade, Don’t Cry. This song is so moving, and helps me through some pretty tough spots in my life.