1 month ago

Needing to know how to want to live.

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Im Candy. Im supposed to be having a birthday February 29th, but after losing everyone that mattered to me, im not so sure I’ll make it to 36. 

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7 days ago

Happy early birthday! I only hope that you find sone joys and cause to carry on. Loss is a horrid thing, we as humans are social creatures and need others. Everyone that mattered is a rough place and I promise that there are others out there that give a damn about you as a person and are worth finding, you just don’t know them yet. Reach out, find a cause, a charity, a hobby meetup. Find the people that matter to you and you to them, it takes some work but makes the world less scary, promise!

I have faith in you, I lost alot to cruelty and it cost my sanity a bit, but things get better…

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