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Hi Everyone! Each day brings brand new challenges , but as I’ve chosen to call my group name, I truly believe we are all a puzzle here in this place we call life, and we all have our own semi colon story waiting to connect with the other one piece at a time. I’m learning […]

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I right now am just trying to fight to stay alive. I became trapped completely in my room 4 years ago. I have had a peer support specialist that came to my house this last year and I know now why I became like this. My Husband is a text book case of NPD. I […]

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Green Day. Definitely, anything from Green Day. I had some days where I didn’t see a single person, but experienced an entire day in my own solitude.

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Really excited that I found this platform yesterday. I wanted to create this group for women like me, who struggle but remain beautiful.

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Playing Apex Legends and noticed Project Semicolon actually had a badge in the game!

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Love the name of this group. I’m certainly one who uses his poker face alot.

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Large following in the UK, so thanks for creating this group. We hope to start spreading the word about our Groups platform soon. Stay tuned.

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My name is Rob and I am glad this group exists. I suffer from MDD, anxiety, PTSD and alcohol use disorder. It’s hard to find someone to talk to that can truly understand. If they haven’t experienced what we struggle with on a daily basis it’s almost impossible.

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Hi my name is sarah , I’m new in here I suffer from depression and anxiety since 8 months now .i think I’m in recovering stage right now not sure sometimes i feel great and sometimes i feel so bad ,anyone want to talk about it ?