the glass that could repair its cracks.

From a very young age, I was given many things, but the one I lacked the most was love. Every time I felt sad, my parents’ question always loomed: “Sad about what? You have everything.” Every time I felt upset, I received a: “you’re exaggerating” every time I didn’t want to do or go somewhere […]

How a kid who was always happy, was also very depressed

It all started when I was in Jr. High. Nobody could understand how a kid who was always happy, smiling and telling jokes, suddenly started being afraid of everything and depressed about “simple” things. My mom decided to take me to the psychologist and after some treatment; the psychologist thought it’d be a better idea […]

Hope is alive…

There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask ”What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?                                                – Erin HansonThe way I view life now, at 31, vastly differs from the way I viewed life at 10, 16, 21… and I think that’s the […]

Hope was something that I never thought possible.

My story is one that has been in the making for close to ten years now.Like the seasons, it’s ebbed and flowed. Some seasons being shorter and sweeter than others. But tis life I suppose. In it’s simplest form, I’ve struggled with depression and self harm for almost ten years now, with two suicide attempts […]

I’m so ashamed of the person I became.

I find such madness in the fact that before I was around 11 I had such high goals in life. They were all stripped away by my mental illness and by the choices I made. I ran away a lot from the age of 13 to 17. I was highly suicidal and the 1st time […]

Attempted Suicide and self-harm

It was a Saturday evening. My dad and I got into an argument about Instagram and we were both pissed at each other. He wouldn’t talk to me and I wouldn’t talk to him. I downloaded Instagram without asking him and he got mad at me for it. So after we had the argument, I […]

My best friend Kai

I lost my best friend Kai to sucide on 27th of August. We buried her yesterday . I miss her so much and love her so much. She was so tried of trying to fight her mental health 

Amy Bleuel – Founder of Project Semicolon

Because Project Semicolon has done so well, there is a preconceived notion that I am supposed to have it all together now. The darkness of depression should be behind me for good. People think motivational speakers should always be … motivated. Anyone in the spotlight feels a similar weight. But the idea simply isn’t true. […]

I’ll edit this as my journey goes…

I’m 20 and I was recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. I’ve always struggled with accepting my body and I’m sure many would blame it on models and social media.  I’m not exactly interested in the debate of why I’m going through this, I’m more interested in trying to find the inspiration to live. Project […]